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Ante-natal to Three Initiative (ATTI)

Ante-natal to Three Initiative (ATTI)

The Ante-Natal to Three Initiative was a community collaboration that brought people together who are committed to strengthening the coordination of services to parents and children in the 0-3 age group in Tallaght. These services were made up of Public Health Nurses, Midwives, psychologists and other services that a family, in particular pregnant mothers, and their children up to three years of age would use. 

Over the lifetime of the ATTI,  we focused on improving a number of key areas including:

Benefits of having an Antenatal to Three Initiative in our community

Some of the strengths of ATTI as identified through an independent evaluation were:

  • Improved  communication and information sharing across the breadth of providers relevant to the ATTI age group, in Tallaght.
  • Support for best practice and innovation though regular networking and learning events.
  • 67% indicated that ATTI had built increased awareness of access pathways to services for families in this age group. This resulted in quicker and more appropriate referrals.
  • Improvement in service quality.

ATTI’s 2017 independent evaluation is available here.

In September 2023 after an extensive consultation and review process, CDI incorporated the co-ordination of ATTI into the Powerful Parenting Model.

The Powerful Parenting Programme model supports parents of children antenatally and up to age five across Tallaght through our Parent/Carer facilitators delivering the programme across Early Years Services and within communities. The ATTI Steering group ceased in its previous function, and was redesigned as a Powerful Parenting Working Group which meets quarterly to continue to  to strive for better outcomes for babies, children and their parents.

The 2023 consultation report can be found here: 2023 ATTI Consultation