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Podcasts & Webinars

Sharing the Learning

We are committed to supporting professionals in their growth and development. We do this through the provision of a wide range of resources, including training, workshops, seminars, webinars, and podcasts. Through training, consultancy, knowledge transfer processes, and continuing professional development (CPD) for the sector, we enable professionals from a range of sectors and disciplines to enhance their practice, develop skills and become more reflective, so maximising the potential for improved outcomes for service users.

Podcast Series: Circles of Connection

Stories and reflections from people around Ireland using Restorative Practices in their work and life.

RP social media Podcast Season

CDI proudly presents “Circles of Connection: Stories from Ireland,” an engaging two-season podcast series that delves into Restorative Practices in Ireland. Join us as we explore thought-provoking topics like “From Restorative Justice to Restorative Practice,” “Using Restorative Practices to Build Relationships,” “The Power of the Circle to Build Relationships,” and “Restorative Teaching at Third Level Education.” “Creating Restorative, Relational School Communities” and “Were Our Ancestors More Restorative?”
Our guest speakers include:

  • Dr Ian Marder, Assistant Professor in Criminology at Maynooth University,
  • Dr Kieran O’Dwyer, Restorative Practice Quality Specialist with the Childhood Development Initiative and Chairperson of Restorative Practices Ireland (RPI),
  • Joe Power, RP Development Officer for Limerick,
  • Kate O’Neill, acting team leader for the primary health and well-being team in the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST),
  • Michelle Stowe, founder and director of Connect RP,
  • John Biggins, lawyer and lecturer at Maynooth University,
  • Geraldine Conlon, a local activist and parent.

Our series of Circles of Connection: Stories from Ireland podcasts features people young and old from all over Ireland talking about how using these RP skills helps them improve relationships and outcomes in their families, workplaces, and communities. Have a listen; these stories are uplifting!

Listeners will gain valuable insights and reasons to reflect.

Listen to the series on Apple Music or on Spotify.

Community Restorative Justice Ireland “Rebuilding Bridges” Podcast

CDI’s CEO, Marian Quinn, and Restorative Practices (RP) Programme Manager, Claire Casey, discuss the potential for RP to transform communities with Community Restorative Justice Ireland. You can listen here

Restorative Practices improve Well-Being in everyday life

Claire Casey (RP Programme Manager with CDI) and Oisín Dunne (Residential Care Worker with Oberstown Children’s Detention Campus) were interviewed by Meave Halpin on Dublin South FM about how Restorative Practices improves wellbeing in everyday life.

Perspectives on Prevention Podcast

On behalf of the Prevention and Early Intervention Network, our CEO, Marian Quinn, has been talking to various practitioners, managers, and policymakers about how to avoid crises, intervene earlier, and prevent difficulties from escalating. Interviewees include Sylda Langford, Vivien Gevrin, Eddie D’Arcy and Judge Michael White. You can listen to all episodes of Perspectives on Prevention here: The PEIN Podcast