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Capacity-Building at CDI

CDI’s Approach to Capacity-Building

We take a comprehensive and strategic approach to capacity-building to empower individuals, organisations and communities to thrive in challenging circumstances and a constantly evolving landscape. Here’s how we achieve this.

Mission and Vision

CDI’s capacity-building begins with a clearly defined mission and vision.


We will improve outcomes for children by delivering quality, integrated, evidence-informed services and workforce development through partnership and innovation. 


Every child in Ireland is thriving, healthy, happy, and free from poverty 

Partnerships and Collaboration

CDI strongly believes in the power of partnerships. We work closely with a wide range of individuals, communities, organisations and funders. This approach fosters collaboration and engagement, allowing us to understand the unique needs of the communities we serve.  These partnerships enable us to harness the resources and expertise available, maximise our efforts and improve accessibility, and enhance the connectivity between services.    

Core Principles: We operate based on a set of core principles that underpin our work. These principles include a child-centred approach, reliance on evidence and innovation, progressive universalism, a focus on the local community, and a commitment to respect, inclusivity, and collaboration. These principles are instrumental in building capacity and providing a sustainable growth and adaptation framework. 

Resource Mobilisation

We secure funding from various sources, including government grants, philanthropic funders, European Initiatives and corporate sponsors. Our ability to secure financial resources is an essential component of capacity-building. Adequate funding ensures that we can continue our work and adapt to evolving needs and challenges. 


We embrace innovation as a core principle. We continuously seek new and effective approaches to address the needs of children and families. This innovative spirit enhances our capacity to respond to changing circumstances and evolving requirements.

Transparency and Sharing of Knowledge

We believe in transparently sharing our learnings. This involves not only implementing evidence-informed programmes but also evaluating programme outcomes. By sharing our knowledge and experiences, we contribute to a broader understanding of effective practices in the field of child development, further enhancing our capacity and that of the communities we serve.

In summary, we prioritise capacity-building as an essential component of our mission. We equip ourselves, our partners and the communities we work with to adapt, survive, and thrive in a rapidly changing world through clearly defined principles, partnerships, resource mobilisation, innovation, and knowledge-sharing. Our vision of a brighter future for children is underpinned by a commitment to building the necessary skills, resources, and processes to make that vision a reality.