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Associate Quality Specialists

Associate Quality Specialists

At the Childhood Development Initiative, we are privileged to collaborate with a diverse group of skilled professionals who bring a wide range of expertise and experience to our work. Each team member plays an essential role in our mission to make a positive impact in the lives of children and families. As CDI has extended its remit to work across the country and within diverse sectors and settings, we have developed a panel of highly skilled and experienced practitioners, trainers, and coaches to support our work. Allow us to introduce you to some of our exceptional team members.

CDI is delighted to work with a range of skilled professionals who bring a breadth and depth of skills and experience to our work.

Lindsay Harrison, Associate Quality Specialist at CDI

Lindsay Harrison

In 2004, Lindsay earned an Honours B.Sc in Clinical Speech and Language Studies from Trinity College Dublin. She has worked for several years in the disability sector, working with children with physical disabilities and their families. Lindsay assumed the role of Senior Therapist in 2008, where she mentored and supervised Junior Speech and Language Therapists. Passionate about education, she served as a Practice Tutor for nine years at Trinity College, coordinating student placements and participating in examinations. Lindsay completed her Master’s Degree at the University of Sheffield in 2012, focusing on ‘Working with Parents: Students’ Perspectives and Experiences.’ She presented her thesis at the Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists conference in 2013.

Dr Sylwia Kazmierczak-Murray, Restorative Practices Quality Specialists

Dr Sylwia Kazmierczak-Murray

Sylwia, a registered Speech and Language Therapist, has focused on enhancing outcomes for Irish children and families. With experience in research, practice, management, and implementation, she led initiatives in seven DEIS schools for the Cabra School Completion Programme. Specialising in language and literacy, Sylwia worked as a full-time Researcher at the Educational Disadvantage Centre, Dublin City University. Holding a PhD in Education from DCU and a Postgraduate Certificate in Implementation Science from TCD, she is deeply interested in ensuring quality implementation in schools. Connect with her on LinkedIn:

Maighread Lynch, Associate Quality Specialist at CDI

Maighread Lynch

Maighread, a qualified Nurse, Midwife, Montessori Teacher, and First Aid Response Instructor, holds diverse expertise. With experience in Australia and Ireland, she served as a State Registered Nurse and Midwife. As a Montessori School Teacher and Manager, she facilitated literacy development in CDI’s Doodle Den afterschool programme. Maighread is a registered Occupational First Aid Instructor, First Aid Response Instructor, and Cardiac First Responder, recognised by the Health and Safety Authority. With extensive experience in first aid and childcare, she has managed, mentored staff, and delivered various first aid courses.

Dr Emer Ring, Restorative Practices Quality Specialists

Dr. Emer Ring

Emer, the Head of the Reflective Pedagogy and Early Childhood Studies Department at Mary Immaculate College (MIC) in Limerick, has a rich background. Formerly a mainstream and special education Teacher, she served as a Resource Teacher and Senior Inspector with the Department of Education and Skills. As the Course Leader for the Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Care and Education Programme at MIC, Emer focuses on early years and special education, particularly in autism. She also leads national research projects on school readiness and educational provision for students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in Ireland.

Sinead Tierney, Restorative Practices Quality Specialists

Sinead Tierney

Sinead Tierney currently works as a Practice Development Manager and is responsible for leading the development of evidence-based practice in her agency. She has extensive experience in driving organisational change and in shaping the future of service provision within social support services.

Sinead has 18 years’ experience in the social care field with 11 of those in management and leadership roles. Sinead holds an MA in Child, Family and Community Studies and is currently undertaking her second MA in Practice Development with a focus on evidence-based practice and change management.

Restorative Practices Associate Quality Specialists

At CDI, we have a broad team of skilled Restorative Practices Associate Quality Specialists who have deep knowledge of Restorative Practices having trained to the highest level and applied it in all areas of their lives.

Each team member plays an essential role in our mission to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families. As CDI has extended its remit to work across the country and within diverse sectors and settings, we have developed a panel of highly skilled and experienced practitioners, trainers, and coaches to support our work. Allow us to introduce you to some of the exceptional members of our RP Associate Quality Specialist Team.

Annie Barry, Restorative Practices Associate Quality Specialist

Annie Barry

Annie is a teacher since 2011 in Chéim ar Chéim, a probation educational centre in Moyross Limerick for young adults, she is passionate about a holistic approach in education promoting and supporting positive behaviour in school. She recently completed a postgrad diploma in Mary Immaculate College (MIC), Limerick in special educational needs. Currently, she is taking a course in trauma-informed care.
Annie has been a Restorative Practice practitioner for seven years and trained as a trainer with IIRP in 2014 and with CDI in 2017. She is a practicing Restorative Trainer and Facilitator.

Andy Battell

Andy, a former NHS and Social Services Training Consultant in London, has a wealth of experience. He designed and delivered training for those working with learning disabilities, fostering proactive approaches. Since relocating to Waterford in 1999, Andy managed the Pathways Project for 11 years, providing mentoring to early school leavers. He oversaw the School Completion Programme for seven years and became a Certified Trainer with the International Institute of Restorative Practice in 2011. Joining CDI in 2017, he facilitated RP training and training of trainers’ courses, including the co-delivery of an Erasmus+ programme. Since 2012, he’s conducted QQI Level courses with diverse learners. Since December 2022, Andy has been a valuable member of a Restorative Justice team supporting survivors of abuse in Irish Spiritan-run schools.

James Bowes, Restorative Practices Associate Quality Specialist

James Bowes

James, a seasoned CDI Practitioner, Trainer of Trainers, and Lead Facilitator with Alternatives to Violence Project Ireland, possesses extensive experience in youth and community work. Studying Social Sciences and earning an undergraduate degree in Law, along with a Hdip in Adult, Community, and Further Education from Maynooth University, he is dedicated to fostering positive change. James has designed impactful programs for young people at Oberstown Detention Campus, facilitated self-help groups for former prisoners, and taught law and social studies to mature adults. His commitment to empowering individuals and communities shines through his work in restorative practice training and program design.

Noreen Duggan, Restorative Practices Associate Quality Specialist

Noreen Duggan

Noreen, a PDST Associate and part-time CDI trainer in Restorative Practices, also teaches English to adults. As a Centre of School Leadership mentor and board chairperson, she began her career as a primary teacher in Newbridge and later taught in Zimbabwe. Noreen served as a community worker in Carlow before becoming the principal of Scoil na Naomh Uilig in 2007. There, she pioneered inclusive education practices, integrating students of all abilities and ethnicities. Introducing Restorative Practices in 2017, Noreen became a certified trainer in 2019 and earned an Undergraduate Certificate in Restorative Practices from the University of Malta in 2021. She further trained as a Restorative Practices ‘Champion’ in 2022.

Jean-Gilmore, Restorative Practices Associate Quality Specialist

Jean Gilmore

Jean, an experienced Restorative Practices (RP) Trainer collaborating with CDI, designs and delivers RP training, including Training of RP Trainers and Summer Courses for Teachers. With a demonstrated history in School Completion Programme management in Tallaght for 16 years, she crafts evidence-based programmes for at-risk youth. Jean’s expertise extends to facilitating training in Restorative Practices and Alternative to Violence Project for vulnerable young people. Holding a BSc. (Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy, an MSc. in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, and various certificates, including in Restorative Practices, she is well-versed in Mindfulness, Play & Family Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Susan Kavanagh, Restorative Practices Quality Specialist

Susan Kavanagh

Susan, a licensed CDI Restorative Practices Trainer since 2014, trained with IIRP and holds roles as an RP Champion and Trainer of Trainers. Specialising in psychotherapeutic work with children and young people for 15 years, she established therapeutic services for School Completion Programmes. As part of a Clinical Team in a Therapeutic Residential Service, Susan provided training for staff working with children with complex emotional and behavioural needs. She volunteers as a Community Chair for Restorative Justice Service Offender Reparation Panels and with the Alternative to Violence Project, facilitating workshops in various settings. Susan holds a BA Hons in Sociology and Political Science from Trinity College Dublin and an MA in Art Therapy from CIT. Currently focusing on integrating Restorative Practices with trauma and attachment informed approaches, she delivers training on this topic for various organisations.

Jenn Little, Restorative Practices Associate Quality Specialists

Jenn Little

Jenn, a Restorative Practices champion, trainer, facilitator, and coach, infuses her work with innovative and creative energy. With over 30 years of intentional professional practice, she prioritises individual and community transformation through shared learning experiences. Informed by her RP training and practice, Jenn effectively works with individuals and groups seeking cultural change. Trained as an RP trainer in 2016 and an RP Champion in 2019, she designs and facilitates original courses for both teenage and adult learners, fostering optimal learning environments. Jenn also serves as a school leadership coach, supporting leaders in implementing RP within their communities.

Judith Lardner

Judith, introduced to Restorative Practices in the USA, offered them to educators, church communities, and businesses in Rochester, NY. She worked with Partners in Restorative Initiatives (PiRI), becoming a certified Circle facilitator and trainer and a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. With a BA in Transpersonal Psychology and an MA in Liberal Studies, both from independent studies, she developed a Peer Practice model. Returning to Kilkenny in 2019, Judith, a long-time Buddhist practitioner, offers online Peer Practice groups focusing on restorative topics since March 2020, referring to her work as Mindful Communication.

John Madigan, Restorative Practices Quality Specialist

John Madigan

John, a Dublin-based Restorative Practices trainer since 2013, has worked in Restorative Practices since 2010. Collaborating with CDI, he facilitated training for adults and young people in Restorative Practices in voluntary and formal education sectors. With extensive experience, he advocated for Restorative Practices’s potential in primary education and youth work, working with Foróige for five years. After earning a Higher Diploma in Primary Education in 2015, he became an advocate for Restorative Practices in formal education, focusing on positive school culture and well-being. Since 2018, John has contributed to Restorative Practices training with PDST for schools nationwide.

Kieran O'Dwyer, Restorative Practices Quality Specialist

Kieran O’Dwyer

Kieran, active in Restorative Practices for over 20 years, initially in criminal justice, is a trainer, facilitator, and researcher. Currently chair of Restorative Practices Ireland, he authored conference papers and book chapters, including a quality assurance framework for Restorative Practices and a chapter in the Routledge Handbook of Irish Criminology (2015). Completing a PhD at University College Dublin in 2008, he researched the restorative justice programme for young offenders. Kieran served on the Board of Restorative Justice Services and as a volunteer chair of offender reparation panels, contributing to Restorative Justice Strategies for Change. He was also an associate lecturer at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention at Maynooth University.

Dorothée Potter-Daniau, Restorative Practices Quality Specialist

Dorothée Potter-Daniau

Dorothée, an experienced Restorative Practices trainer and consultant, previously served as Coordinator for the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) Ireland. With AVP, she led peer-led workshops in conflict resolution and Restorative Practices, notably in Irish Prisons. Her background includes teaching French Literature and Classical Studies in France and Dublin. Holding an MA in Classical Studies and an MA in Online Courses and e-training Design, she developed innovative tools to enhance students’ learning experience. Dorothée’s work for CDI involved co-writing an online Professional Training in Restorative Practices (TReP) as part of an Erasmus international partnership and directing the ‘Circles of Connection’ podcast series about RP. Currently pursuing a PhD in Political Science, Sociology, and Education at the University of Galway (UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre), her research focuses on democratic education and youth participatory research methods.

Joe Power, Restorative Practices Quality Specialists

Joe Power

Joe Power, a Restorative Practice Development Officer for Limerick since 2018, part-time. With 18 years in residential childcare, he gained insight into challenging behaviour and the centrality of relationships in interventions. A Restorative Practitioner for five years, Joe’s been an RP trainer with CDI for 18 months (also a certified trainer with SynRJ). He’s collaborated with over 20 schools, youth organisations, and residential care facilities, focusing on trauma and trauma-informed care as integral to the “restorative package.” In 2020, Joe worked part-time with Le Cheile Restorative Justice project, applying skills in the criminal justice area to young offenders on probation. Joe maintains a regular blog through the Limerick RP Project and holds certifications in Reality Therapy, Narrative4 story exchange, and LIFT Ireland facilitation.

Nicola Reeves, Restorative Practices Quality Specialists

Nicola Reeves

Nicola, a secondary school teacher for many years, has worked in various settings, from international private establishments to an inner-city school. Since 1997, she has been involved with Cuidiú, becoming a volunteer Breastfeeding Counsellor in 1999. Nicola has been President of Cuidiú since 2018. Discovering Non-Violent Communication in 2006, she integrated its techniques into her teaching and breastfeeding counselling. With an interest in Restorative Practices, she started using circles in class in 2011, completing the summer course for teachers in 2014 and training as a trainer. Since May 2018, Nicola has been training groups on behalf of CDI, supporting new trainers, and working with CDI to connect with interested parties. Passionate about Restorative Practices, especially its impact on students and teachers, Nicola believes in its potential for resolving conflict and reducing harm in communities.

Ken Sauvage

Ken, with 23 years as Manager of Treo Port Lairge CLG, witnessed Restorative Justice’s impact, sparking his interest in Restorative Practices. Trained as a Restorative Practices Trainer of Trainers in 2016 with the International Institute of Restorative Practices and in 2019 with CDI, Ken co-founded the Waterford Restorative Practice Network (WRPN). WRPN aims to make Waterford more restorative, having trained numerous staff and volunteers across the community. As a Restorative Practices Quality Specialist with CDI, Ken delivers RP training and facilitates restorative conversations, meetings, and conferences within and between organisations. Additionally, he serves as an External Cross Professional Supervisor for individuals, teams, and organisations.

Brian Sheridan, Restorative Practices Quality Specialist

Brian Sheridan

Brian, a Conflict Management practitioner with over three decades in An Garda Síochána, draws on his experience in Family Mediation, Restorative Practice, and Restorative Justice. Having served as a Sergeant in Community Policing and Child Protection fields in Tallaght, Brian trained in Restorative Practice through CDI. Post-retirement in 2022, he renewed his focus on Restorative Practice, becoming a CDI Restorative Practices Trainer and a Family and Separating Couples Mediator. Brian volunteers with Restorative Justice Services, the Irish Professional Mediator’s Organisation, and Dublin Community Mediation, expressing his dedication to conflict management.

Bernie Shone

Having taught in several schools in Ireland, the U.K., and the Middle East and as Principal in Grangecon N.S. for five years, Bernie is currently Deputy Principal in St. Brigid’s N.S., Manor Kilbride.
She is an advocate of and passionate about a holistic approach in education and has trained in a range of modalities including primary movement, promoting and supporting positive behaviour in primary school, developing collegiality in primary school; developing mindfulness and happiness in primary school children, as well as being a Restorative Practice Practitioner and Trainer.

Paul Tierney

Paul originally trained as a social worker and has worked for over thirty years across a range of settings in Ireland, including child protection and family support, intellectual disability, regulation, teaching, and foster care. His first connection with restorative practice was in 2001 when he worked as a Family Welfare Conference Coordinator, facilitating family meetings, with HSE West in Galway, following the implementation of the Children Act 2001. 

More recently, he set up his own business as an Independent social worker and mediator. His flexibility as a self-employed practitioner has allowed him to connect with creative initiatives that inspire his work. He is passionate about the potential of restorative practice and the opportunities it provides for individuals, organisations, and communities.  

Paul holds two masters’ degrees from Trinity College Dublin, one in Social Work Research (Violence Prevention, Social Work and Schools / Action Research Project, (2000) and another in Health Services Management (2016). Paul trained as an RP trainer with CDI in 2022. 

Richie Walsh

Richie is an experienced practitioner, facilitator and trainer in Restorative Practices, with a strong commitment to transforming school communities. He is an associate Quality Specialist with CDI. As a life coach and certified CSL mentor, with over 35 years experience in education, as a school principal,  he is  passionate about nurturing positive relationships, empowering individuals, and promoting conflict resolution within educational settings. 


Richie is chair of the Restorative Practices Ireland Communications Committee. At present, he teaches a number of Restorative Practices Electives to Third, Fourth Year and Post-graduate students in Maynooth University, Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education. He is an Oide Associate on the Health & Wellbeing Team, delivering Restorative Practice Training to Primary School Staff. He holds an M.Ed (Research in Practice) from Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education, Maynooth University, B.Ed from DCU St. Patrick’s College  and a certificate in Restorative Practice and Mediation from N.U.I. Maynooth.