QSBO Training Course Dublin

What is the QSBO?

CDI has identified eight elements that are fundamental to designing, delivering and sustaining quality interventions. Together these elements form the QSBO framework.

Each element has a dedicated training course which combines practical experience and examples from CDI’s work, with up-to-date theory from Implementation Science.

Who is it for?

All individuals and services that work with children and families.

What courses can I attend?

The QSBO training series offers the following courses:

Reflective Practice

Explore and analyse your practice. The course can help you to understand what is happening & how you can improve.

Needs Assessment

Gather information on the needs of your target populations and focus on gaps and priorities in your work.

Logic Modelling

Identify the impact, outcomes and outputs you want to achieve. Identify the key strategies and resources needed to achieve them.


Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

Walk through two planning processes – the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan and the Implementation Plan. Measure your outcomes and integrate outputs in a systematic way.

& Competence Building

Build capacity to deliver key elements needed to build capacity to deliver quality services including: staff selection; training; supervision; mentoring; coaching and communities of practice.


Organisational Context & Change Management

Increase your knowledge and skills to bring about sustainable individual and organisational change. Assess ‘readiness for change’ and ‘implementation climate’. Use tools and strategies that will support and drive change processes. 


Become a more successful leader. Improve your communication and decision-making skills. Manage conflict and build an effective implementation team and plan.


Evaluation in More Depth

Understand a range of evaluation types and methods to establish the effectiveness and efficiency of your interventions. Use effective tools to manage process & outcome evaluations. Use findings to improve your practice.

How much will it cost and where is it?

QSBO courses cost 65€ for half day courses and 130€ for full day courses.

All scheduled QSBO courses are currently taking place online

How do I sign up?

Click on the trainings above to book.

For all QSBO and other trainings currently available in CDI, please see our training and booking calendar.