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Reflective Practice

QSBO training - Reflective practice

QSBO—Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice is about learning through experience. Our practice, or how we do our job, is shaped and informed by a range of behaviours, skills, assumptions, and theories we use. Reflection is the process of exploring and analysing our practice, including our feelings and perceptions. It helps us to better understand what is happening, how we are working, and how we can improve.

What will I learn in the Reflective Practice course?

At the end of the Reflective Practice short course, you will:

Know about:     Methods to support reflective practice;

Understand:     The value and benefits of reflective practice;

Be able to: Apply and promote reflective practice.

Who is it for?

Individuals and services that work with children, families, and communities, or any organisation that wants its employees to understand their work practices better.

If interested in finding out more about Reflective Practice or in organising a training programme for your organisation, please email us: 

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