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Courses Supporting Parents / Carers

In Tallaght, we empower parents through engaging workshops and courses such as Infant Massage, Circle of Security® Parenting™, and Parents Plus Early Years, fostering vital parenting skills and strong bonds. Our dedicated Parent/Carer Facilitators (PCFs) collaborate closely with parents across seven early learning services, providing invaluable support for child development. We offer diverse courses for parents/carers, creating spaces for connection and knowledge-sharing. Explore our links below that aim to support your early childhood parenting journey. We value parental involvement and are committed to nurturing environments for children’s growth. Our exceptional PCFs work tirelessly to ensure parents feel empowered and supported.

    1. Infant Massage course:  
      Fosters bonding between parents and babies while improving their well-being. It’s a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your bond with your child. More information about this course can be found here.

    1. The Circle of Security® ParentingTM Programme:  
      Strengthen the bond between parents and children. This programme provides parents with invaluable strategies for supporting their children’s emotional needs and laying a solid foundation for their children’s future. Please visit here to learn more about this programme.

    1. Parents Plus Early Years Programme:  
      Focuses on improving parenting skills and fostering positive parent-child relationships. It covers many subjects and offers parents practical tools to help them navigate their children’s early years. More information about this programme can be found

    1. Raising Happy and Secure Children

    1. Peep learning together programme 

    1. Toddler Talk 

If you live in the Tallaght/ Dublin 24 area, and are interested in joining a course mentioned above, please contact