Research Advisory Committee (RAC)


Melissa Boyle

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Dr. John Paul Byrne, Chair

Dr John-Paul Byrne is a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Hospital Doctor Retention & Motivation (HDRM) project based in the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. He holds a PhD in Sociology from Maynooth University and has previously held research positions on projects studying working conditions in Ireland and Denmark, and the experience of patient-centred care in Ireland. John-Paul is a recipient of the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship from the Irish Research Council (2012). His current research interests are psychosocial work conditions, working lives, and the social structures of work in healthcare.


Dr Suzanne Guerin

Suzanne is Associate Professor in Research Design and Analysis with the School of Psychology at University College Dublin. She teaches in the area of applied psychology and research methods and is involved in the delivery of modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Suzanne is Deputy Director of the UCD Centre for Disability Studies and jointly coordinates the MSc in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies. Her research interests include Disability & Health, Teaching & Learning, and Applied Research. Suzanne serves on a number of Boards and Committees in UCD and other organisations. Suzanne was the Chair of our Board for a number years.


Dr Helen Johnston 

Helen Johnston is a Senior Social Policy Analyst at the National Economic and Social Council in Ireland, where she has worked on projects on well-being, quality and standards in human services, the social dimensions of the economic crisis and jobless households.  She is also the Chairperson of the Centre for Cross Border Studies.  Helen previously worked at the Combat Poverty Agency.  A native of Northern Ireland, Helen worked in the Northern Ireland civil service in the early years of her career.  She has qualifications in Environmental Science, Town and Country Planning,  Business Administration, and has a doctorate on the determinants of implementation in the Irish policy system.  Helen has a strong interest in tackling disadvantage, especially through prevention and early intervention.

Aine McAdam,

Researcher, Sociology at Maynooth University.  

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Elizabeth Nixon

Elizabeth Nixon is Assistant Professor in Developmental Psychology in the School of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin. She is the director of the undergraduate degree programme in psychology. She is a graduate of University College Dublin and Trinity College Dublin. Her research and teaching interests lie in the area of parenting and family as a context for children’s development. She is a Co-Investigator of Growing up in Ireland, the first national longitudinal study of children’s development in Ireland, and established and co-directs the Infant and Child Research Lab at Trinity, where she conducts research on parent-child interactions.


In Attendance:


Primary Role:

The primary role of the Research Advisory Committee is to advise and support the development, implementation, review and dissemination of all research and evaluation activities within CDI.

Functions of the Research Advisory Committee are to:

  • Provide advice and support on the commissioning and implementation of research and evaluations;
  • Support oversight of the research / evaluation programme;
  • Review emerging results from CDI research and evaluations;
  • Advise on changes to, or augmentation of, research and/or evaluations  if the need arises;
  • Provide observations on design and review of services;
  • Advise on the dissemination of research and evaluation findings and conclusions, particularly in relation to its utilisation as a mechanism to influence policy, practice and training.

Reports of meetings of the RAC and any reports prepared by the RAC will be transmitted to the Board of CDI for its consideration and action as it deems appropriate.