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Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices – Training of Trainers ( Mitchelstown, Cork, July 2024)

Restorative Practices (RP) are both a philosophy and a set of skills that have the core aim of building strong relationships and transforming conflict in a simple and emotionally healthy manner.

• This Course will provide Participants with the skills and materials to deliver training in the use of RP to their chosen target groups.
• Participants will learn how to train others in the implementation of RP as an individual, organisation, and community.
• Participants will gain the skills and expertise for training others to embed RP as “business as usual” in their lives, organisations, and communities.
• The course will include learning for participants about Quality Assurance of the use of RP in organisations and communities.
• Participants will be provided with a full list of references and the resources they will need for the delivery of RP training to their chosen target groups.

Entry Requirements:
Participants in this Course are required to:
• Have undertaken CDI’s training in Restorative Practices i.e. “Getting Started with RP” and “RP Facilitation Skills” OR “Restorative Practices Skills for Promoting Wellbeing in Classrooms and Schools” (Summer Course);
• Have experience of using restorative practices in their lives and work; and
• Have organised to deliver RP Training to their chosen target group during the four months following the first five days training at which they will be observed and supported by a CDI RP Quality Specialist.

Application for this Course is via an application form, a copy of which can be obtained from

The Course Fee is €975 which must be paid in full before the Course starts. This Course will be delivered by a team of RP Trainers with extensive experience of implementing RP in their lives and in work settings and of delivering RP training to a variety of target groups.

For further information and/or application enquires please contact Claire Casey on 087 280 6450 or



Download an application form by clicking here

Course Schedule

This course consists of five days training (9.30am to 2.30pm) together during July or August and a further two days training in the following months. In addition, trainee Trainers are paired up to co-deliver CDI’s “Getting Started With RP” course sometime within four months of completing the first five days training, and they are observed and supported while doing so by one of CDI’s RP Quality Specialists. Participants are issued with reading material before and during the course that they are required to read.


Some Examples of What People Have Said about CDI’s Training of RP Trainers Course:
• “This has been by far my favourite course I’ve done.” Rachel Considine, Primary School Teacher.
• “This has been such a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for me. You will learn so much about yourself and how to relate to other people.” Lara Willims, Community Development Officer.
• “By far the best training I have ever received. Applicable to everyone in all arenas, it supports any person working/existing with people of all ages.” Joy Coleman, Post-Primary Deputy Principal.


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