CDI Vision and Mission 2020

CDI Vision:

To improve outcomes for children, families and communities in Tallaght West and beyond.

CDI Mission:

We will respond to need and drive change by supporting, promoting and enhancing high quality, evidence-informed services for children and families.

CDI Core Principles:

  • We prioritise prevention and early intervention approaches in disadvantaged communities, which utilise evidence and respond to need;
  • We encourage collaboration and shared learning amongst all stakeholders; raise awareness of roles and responsibilities; transparently share information; challenge how we work; ensure value for money, and work in partnership to find solutions together;
  • We consciously work to foster and maintain positive relationships with all our stakeholders.

Objectives to 2020:

  • To sustain and extend services across the Electoral Divisions in Tallaght West;
  • To replicate our proven models in communities which have identified relevant needs, and work in partnership to develop local capacity to sustain them;
  • To respond to new and emerging needs, in keeping with our core values;
  • To establish CDI as the ‘go-to’ organisation to support high quality, effective approaches and programmes;
  • To diversify funding streams in order to maximise sustainability.

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