Finance & Risk Sub-Committee


  • Mr John Murray (Chair), Qualified Accountant, IBM.
  • Mr Oluwaseye Fadare, Volunteer Financial Accountant with RCCG.
  • Ms Sinead Ward, Director of Finance and Governance, Institute of Public Health Ireland.
  • Mr Dermot Duffy, formerly Senior Executive, Goodbody Stockbrokers.

The CDI CEO and Finance Officer will also attend meetings, the latter acting as Secretary to the Committee.

The quorum for the sub-committee is 2 members.


This Committee deals with financial management and risk assessment and minimisation, and reports to the Board.  In particular it will undertake the following:


  • Agree budget/budget revisions;
  • Review summary finance reports from service providers;
  • Monitor and review quarterly management accounts;
  • Monitor and review announcements about the organisation’s financial performance and financial controls;
  • Approve and review internal Financial Policies and Procedures;
  • Discuss other financial and compliance matters in relation to the company.

External Audit

  • Make recommendations to the Board about the appointment, pay and conditions of the external Auditor.
  • Meet with the External Auditor and have oversight of the External Audit;
  • Monitor and review the accuracy of the financial statements including Directors Report, etc for presentation to the full Board.

Corporate Governance

Monitor progress relating to risk management including the Risk Register Review and the annual compliance conducted by CDI in relation to the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charity Organisations in Ireland.