CDI is committed to the interpretation, translation, and dissemination of our learning.  A key element of this process is to share insights and findings with the academic community.  Here are a selection of such articles.  You can also find some of our journal submissions below.

Quality Services Better Outcomes:

A Quality Framework for achieving outcomes.

Aspiring To High Quality Restorative Practices: The RPI Quality
Assurance Framework

This updated Quality Assurance Framework is an important contribution to develop capacity, systems and infrastructures which support the growth, evolution and sustainability of restorative practice.

Outreach Interventions for Difficult-to-Engage Adolescents with Mental Health Needs

The purpose of this review is to inform the selection of such an intervention in the Tallaght region.

Scalable Mental Health Interventions to Support Adolescents not in Receipt of Services

This review provides an overview and comparison of the different delivery mechanism options that
currently exist for the delivery of general, scalable, youth-focused psychological support to adolescents.

Many Heart, No Homes – Voices from the Frontline of Homelessness

A photovoice project by Dr Maria Quinlan and Patrick Bolger detailing the experiences of homeless families.

Best Practice in Archiving Qualitative Data

A handbook based on the archiving of documents associated with CDI and in the process, establishing best practices in qualitative data archiving.

Quality Assurance Framework for Organisations and Practitioners (2014)

A Framework for ensuring adherence to standards of best practice in the delivery of restorative practices by Dr. Kieran O’Dwyer.

Archiving Toolkit (2016)

Written by Dr Brid McGrath and Robin Hanan, this Toolkit sets out the processes, legislation and best practice which can guide you in archiving data.


You Lost Me at Hello – A Non Research Perspective on Sharing Data

Author: Quinn, M

A non research perspective on sharing data. Archiving Evaluation Data Children’s Research Digest Volume 4, Issue 3  

Restorative Practices In Action in Tallaght West- A Case Study

Authors: Casey, C.,  McNally, S. , O’Keeffe, A., and  Quinn, M.

This article first appeared in The Irish Review of Community Economic  Development Law and Policy, Volume2, Issue 1, June 2013, pp.63-70 , published by the Northside Community Law and Mediation Centre.

Restorative Practices in Action Tallaght West Childhood Development Initiatives’ Restorative Practices Programme

Author: Casey, C.

This article was published by the Edward Kennedy Institute, Maynooth University, in their Journal of Mediation and Applied Conflict Analysis, Issue 1, Volume 1, January 2014.

The Childhood Development Initiative Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) Programme: A Three- Pronged Approach to SLT Delivery in the Community. (2013)

Authors: McNally, S. & Smith, G.

This article first appeared in An Leanbh Óg: The OMEP Ireland Journal of Early Childhood Studies, Volume 7, April 2013, pp. 119-127

An Leanbh Óg is edited by Rosaleen Murphy, Patricia Radley and Anna Ridgway. It is published by the Irish committee of OMEP,  l’Organisation Mondiale pour l’Education Préscolaire/The World Organisation for Early Childhood Education.

Doodle Den: A Community Led Literacy Intervention (2013)

Authors: Kelly, M. & Reid, A-M.

This is an article published in the Reading Association of Ireland journal.