Community Research

Youth Mental Health

  • The In-Betweeners: Identifying and quantifying the unmet mental health needs of children and adolescents in Tallaght

Prisoner Families Research

  • Prisoners Returning Home: Prisoners and Family Reintegration Project

Tallaght West

  • Being Dad Report web
    and struggles of Fatherhood
  • Climbing A Mountain – Parents Access to and Experience of Services in Tallaght West
  • How Is Our Neighbourhood? A Study of Community Engagement, Connectivity and Provision in Tallaght West, 2017
  • How Is Our Neighbourhood? Executive Summary, 2017
  • How Are Our Families?, 2012
  • How Are Our Kids?, 2004

Child Poverty Research 

  • Over the Fence: Perspectives on and experiences of child poverty in Tallaght 


  • Housing Policy Development Lessons – A Tallaght West Case Study, 2019
  • Housing Policy Development Lessons – A Response by Tony Fahey, 2019
  • Housing Policy Development Lessons – Executive Summary, 2019