CDI are delighted to team up with Community Restorative Justice Ireland for the first of our RP Trainers CPD events for 2023! The session will help you gain a better understanding of Restorative Justice and how it can be applied in communities to address community tensions around race and identity.


There will be a number of group and individual exercises that will engage the participants to understand the theory of Restorative Justice and the impact that this can have in a community setting. Some areas of discussion will include;



  • Being aware of Restorative Justice
  • How RJ can help in communities divided on issues of race and identity
  • How it can be applied within the communities
  • Understand the history of Restorative Justice in The North of Ireland
  • Recognise the strengths and weaknesses of Restorative Justice
  • Understand when Restorative Justice may be deemed unsuitable
Date(s): 20/05/2023
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location: CDI Tallaght West


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