Stories Connecting Children and Parents

    As the 200,000th Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library book is delivered to Tallaght children, we hear how stories connect us, and these connections can help children to manage their emotions. Childhood Development Initiative (CDI) announced in a Press Release today that this investment in children’s futures will be celebrated at a conference on the theme […]

Poverty in South Dublin County

Poverty, incidence, and mitigating factors in South Dublin County CYPSC today announced a Seminar ‘Poverty in South Dublin County’ which will take place on the 5th of October 2022 at the Institute for Population Health. The Seminar will look at South County Dublin’s poverty experience, incidence, and mitigating factors across service providers. This seminar will feature […]

Community Spirit in Tallaght in the face of tragedy

Community spirit in Tallaght in the face of tragedy  The recent murders of eight-year-old twins and their 18-year-old sister have shaken those living and working in Tallaght, the awfulness of these losses have touched people way beyond the geographical boundaries of this community. Their youth and the violence of their deaths are factors that leave […]

A Homeless Christmas

On Sunday 29th December, that often dreary in-between period when most of us have eaten and drunk too much, and are wondering how on earth we will find the motivation and appetite to get through the required gluttony of New Years’ Eve, a group of volunteers from Tallaght hosted a party for almost 90 families […]

How Failure Can Feed Success

December 2016: The use of evidence for improving services is often thought of as a continuous success story from the stage of conception of an intervention, to its application and finally, to the impact on end users. RAND Europe supports the European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC), which provides information on such successful interventions […]

Profile of Tallaght West from 2011 Census

December 2014: The 2011 Census is the most recent detailed population profile taken of Tallaght West. Using the figures we can compare Tallaght West against national averages using a range of established social and economic indicators. Tallaght West in the data which follows is defined as the electoral division areas of Ballinascorney, Fettercain, Jobstown, Killinarden and Kiltipper. […]

Realising Real-World Research: Research and Evaluation in Challenging Times

November 2014: Knowledge exchange is not easy.  While researchers know the language of research there is no guarantee they know the language of either practice or policy making.  For an introduction on how best to break through the communication barriers across different professional groups you should access the presentations from the recent knowledge exchange conference […]

Building a knowledge base of the process of Replication

November 2014: When we try to bring about change, we often look at what others have already tried to do about the problem. People working in social fields have thought about how this for a long time. Many different terms are used to describe it: knowledge transfer, dissemination, diffusion, replication, scaling up, going to scale. […]

Challenges and Fun: Putting Doodle Den online

September 2014: After our first project meeting with The Tallaght West Childhood Development Initiative (CDI) we arrived back at our offices in Dublin City Centre armed with a 484 page long programme manual and a brief to make an online literacy learning support tool for senior infants. Well, it’s a good job we like a […]

Connecting Community Development Work and Teaching

June 2014: The publication of the Transforming Educational Experience report – which is a joint initiative between CDI and the National University of Ireland Maynooth – provides clear evidence that teachers are joining the dots in a way that has real impact on the lives of our children and young people. In this report we […]