Support Pathways for Children with Additional Needs Pathways for Children with Additional Needs

The Childhood Development Initiative is delighted to bring you this guide: Support Pathways for Children with Additional Needs

This guide arose from a need within the community to support parents and caregivers who have concerns about their child’s development.

It sets out various pathways and supports available for children with additional needs and brings information from several different organisations into one place to help parents and caregivers navigate what is often a complex journey.


Parents and caregivers may use this guide to support them at various stages of their journey and different sections will be relevant at

different stages of a child’s life. We hope the information in this guide provides you with the knowledge you require to support your child in accessing services and

supports. We know this journey can be challenging, but you are not alone, and the community has many layers of support.


This guide was put together with the support of many local professionals and organisations, and we are very grateful for their time and contributions throughout this project.