Eyes on Europe: Seeking Erasmus+ Partners

Erasmus Plus ad with photos of children and restorative practices training




Partner up with us under Erasmus+ Funding

We are Seeking Erasmus+ Partners.
We are looking for EU organisations to do an exchange of learning and training under the Erasmus+ funding Programme. 

CDI is an Irish non-profit organisation dedicated improving health, educational and social outcomes for children and young people in Ireland. 

Our programmes focus on language, literacy, health, early years, conflict management and community safety

  • Do you want to partner with us for learning exchange visits?
  • Do you have training to offer others?
  • Do you have staff who we could train?
  • Get in touch before 28th Feb!

Winnie Donoghue: winnie@cdi.ie

We deliver evidence-informed prevention and early intervention programmes, in partnership with communities and services. We support the child and family workforce through professional development training and consultancies.

We also offer training programmes to organisations or individuals in other EU countries that are looking to apply for an Erasmus+ Staff Training Mobility grant. Find out about our training here

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