New Year Message

Generally at this time of the year, I enjoy the challenge of attempting to write something which might motivate or inspire others. In fairness, given the amazing people I work with, it’s not hard to find wonderful things to say. But right now, as this terrible year comes to a close, I’m struggling to find words that are meaningful without patronizing; words that are hopeful but not naive.

We can talk all day long about how we’ve pivoted and been creative; about the wonders of technology and the rapidity with which we adapted. And whilst all those things are true, they count for little when we can’t hold the hand of a dying relative; when children can’t hug their grandparents; when our staff are exhausted and services are overstretched, or when stress and anxiety are exacerbated by financial concerns or the threat of unemployment.

If this year has done anything, it has reminded us of our frailty, our dependence on each other; the fact that even the most anti-social of us needs human interaction and connection. Without each other, we have and are nothing.

So what I will say to all of you with whom CDI have worked during this strangest of years, is thank you.

Thank you for challenging me when there was another way to be found;

Thank you for joining in the fun when a good belly laugh was called for;

Thank you for checking in when things were tough;

Thank you for trusting us to lead, collaborate, support and engage when that’s what the job required;

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and being so generous with your expertise when we needed guidance;

And thank you for being part of this incredible, complex, often infuriating but sometimes uplifting and awesome working environment.

Without all of you, our work in CDI, and my own professional journey, would be empty, rudderless, and diminished in so many ways. Instead though, and because of what each of you brings, it is colourful and dynamic, energising and exciting, driven and purposeful.

So thank you for all you have done and brought in 2020, wishing you a peaceful Christmas with joy and warmth, and looking forward to a bright, engaged and connected 2021.

Marian Quinn