2018 Restorative Practices Training

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What Does RP Training Involve?

CDI offer RP training courses as follows:


Getting Started With Restorative Practices (1 day)

This training provides an overview of the origins and development of RP; the evidence of outcomes that can be expected from adopting RP; and an outline of the skills that are used when taking a restorative approach.  Participants in this training gain the knowledge and skills to start:

Using Restorative Language to consciously build relationships and prevent the escalation of conflict;

Having Restorative Conversations that creatively transform and resolve inter-personal conflict.


Restorative Practices Upskilling (3 days)

Participants in CDI’s RP Upsklling training gain the knowledge and skills to consistently take a restorative approach to their life and work.  Participant are equipped to facilitate :

  • Restorative Circles for building good relationships in groups and for undertaking creative problem-solving;
  • Restorative Meetings for transforming and resolving group conflicts; and
  • Restorative Conferences for addressing wrongdoing and supporting those impacted by wrongdoing to overcome the harm done to them.